About Satya Solar Systems

Satya Solar Systems Pvt. Ltd. is an industry-leading Rooftop Solar Energy Solutions company established in 2016 by Parth Gupta, Alok Gupta and Archit Gupta. Solar energy has always been a part of our ecosystem ever since existence and to make use of it in a smart and powerful way gives way towards Solar Revolution which is the need of the hour. With non-renewable energy resources being depleted now for so many years, the need is for allowing this renewable and abundant source of energy – Solar Energy, to take over and save the planet.

With right technologies been used, our engineers have made the impossible thought to turn into reality by inventing solar panels and allowing for solar energy to be used as a new source of energy for lighting both the homes and infrastructures. We are just continuing their legacy and want India to become the foremost stalwart of Solar Revolution.

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We offer affordable and best quality Solar Energy Solutions with all the work done as per Government and Tata Power quality standards. We resemble high technical competence as our founder Mr. Alok Gupta is an IIT Delhi Alumni. With his skills at place and he being technically capable, he brings to the table, concepts and ideas that form an integral part of the Solar legacy.

We as a full-fledged solar company, want to bestow to the society the highest quality solar plants at low and affordable costs, our motto being reduction of huge electricity bills and to lessen the Carbon Footprint. Our solutions are completely customized, correctly engineered and we look to be able to cater to each and every need of our customers.

Our mission and vision being the reduction of dependency on coal and being able to deliver our powerful solutions to every home in India. For this we are working day and night and look forward for a better India in making with support of our society and people.

Our Directors

Mr. Parth Gupta

Three years experience in the field of converting sun energy into solar power. He completed his Mechanical Engineering from the SRM Institute of Science and Technology.

, Solar Company in Lucknow

Mr. Alok Gupta

Completed his education from Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

, Solar Company in Lucknow

Mr. Archit Gupta

Completed his Economics Honours from The University of Manchester, England. Together, they formed Satya Solar, to revolutionize energy and consumption patterns and promote usage of green & clean energy, save energy bills, supply electricity in places where there is no access.

, Solar Company in Lucknow

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