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Our Directors

Mr. Parth Gupta
Mr. Parth Gupta Managing Director
Six years experience in the field of converting sun energy into solar power. He completed his Mechanical Engineering from the SRM Institute of Science and Technology.
Mr. Alok Gupta
Mr. Alok Gupta Managing Director
Completed his education from Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, in the field of Mechanical Engineering.
Mr. Archit Gupta
Mr. Archit Gupta Managing Director
Completed his Economics Honours from The University of Manchester, England. Together, they formed Satya Solar, to revolutionize energy and consumption patterns and promote usage of green & clean energy, save energy bills, supply electricity in places where there is no access.

About Satya Solar


Satya Solar Systems Pvt. Ltd., founded in 2016 by Parth Gupta, Alok Gupta, and Archit Gupta, is a pioneering Rooftop Solar Energy Solutions company. We believe that solar energy is an integral part of our ecosystem, and harnessing it intelligently is the key to a Solar Revolution, which is the need of the hour. As non-renewable energy resources continue to deplete, we are dedicated to ushering in a sustainable future by championing Solar Energy as the primary source of power. 

With a commitment to affordability and uncompromising quality, we offer Solar Energy Solutions that adhere to government and Tata Power standards. Our technical prowess is underscored by our founder, Mr. Alok Gupta, an alumnus of IIT Delhi, whose expertise and innovative thinking continue to shape the solar landscape.

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Our mission is twofold: to reduce dependency on coal and deliver powerful solar solutions to every household in India. We tirelessly work day and night towards this objective, aiming to create a better, cleaner India. By offering highly customized and meticulously engineered solar plants at cost-effective prices, our goal is to not only reduce exorbitant electricity bills but also diminish our collective Carbon Footprint. We envision a society where sustainable energy is the norm, and we’re dedicated to making this vision a reality with the support of our community and the people we serve.


Our vision is a future where every home in India is empowered by clean, renewable solar energy. We are committed to making this vision a reality by providing affordable, top-quality solar solutions. Our dedication to innovation, technical excellence, and environmental responsibility drives us to be at the forefront of the solar revolution in India. We aim to create a brighter and more sustainable future for all, where coal dependency is a thing of the past, and solar power is readily accessible to everyone.


At Satya Solar, our core values revolve around sustainability, innovation, and reliability. We are committed to deliver top-quality solar solutions, promoting environmental protection, and ensuring customer satisfaction through our best technology and dependable service.

Satya Solar

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