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Solar Off-grid Systems

Designed to liberate you from the constraints of traditional power problems, our off-grid solutions offer a seamless transition to sustainable energy. Whether it’s a remote cabin, a home, or an isolated facility, our systems provide a reliable and eco-friendly energy source. With advanced technology and robust components, we tailor our off-grid systems to meet your unique energy needs. Say goodbye to utility bills and hello to self-sufficiency as you tap into the limitless potential of solar energy, backed by our expertise and commitment to a greener future.

Features of TATA Power Solar of Off-Grid Solar Solution

Exclusive 5 year warranty.

High efficiency 330-540Wp Poly/mono crystalline modules

Higher battery life ensured by optimum power saving levels

PWM and MPPT configurations depending upon your load and power outage

Monitor system performance easily through multicolor LCD display on PCU

Troubleshooting signals are indicated on PCU display for necessary action

Module+PCU+Battery combo pre-engineered by Tata Power for optimum system performance

Inbuilt Real Time Clock and intelligent hardware that enables different power saving levels

Cost savings, Control battery charging from grid and reduce electricity bills


Set system backup as per power outage conditions

Specifications Of Different Off-Grid Inverters

Our Products

PWM 1.5kVA off-grid inverter

PWM 2.2kVA off-grid inverter with 2 batteries

PWM 2.2kVA off-grid inverter with 4 batteries

PWM 5kVA off-grid inverter with 4 batteries

PWM 3.5kVA off-grid inverter

MPPT 5kVA off-grid inverter with 8 batteries

MPPT 7.5kVA off-grid inverter

MPPT 10kVA off-grid inverter

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